You need your transcript today…. not a problem for Appalachian Court Reporters. With certified realtime reporters on staff with ACR, you can get a draft of your deposition or court proceeding or conference or presentation immediately following the day’s events. ACR will even provide you a laptop to view the proceedings simultaneously, either wirelessly or wired, as they are reported, allowing you to take notes, mark testimony, annotate as you see fit without having to use pen or paper again.  Appalachian Court Reporting has reporters using a program called CaseViewNet that offers you the ability and freedom to use state-of-the-art technology to give you an edge other firms won’t supply. We also provide E-transcripts, ASCII, PDF, condensed or paper formats for your use and we have the references to prove what we say. We provide realtime services to many judges on a daily or as-needed basis and counsel when requested.

We also provide our own staff certified videographers to provide the best video services around. No outsourcing of this from our firm. They are part of the ACR team, which ensures quality and convenience for our clients.
Have you ever been in your office working only to have to stop to leave to go to a deposition? With videostreaming you no longer have to.  Ask us more about it. We would love to come meet and show you how to use this great technology

Appalachian Court Reporting provides the following services…

-Realtime Reporting/Translation

-Daily and Expedited copy

-ASCII Disks

-Videography with time stamps and synchronization, delivered in your preferred format.

-Telephone Depositions


-Miniscripts and Concordance

-Familiarity with expert terminology, such as medical, environmental, asbestos, etc.

Internet Scheduling